A New-School
Anti-Harassment Course

  • Crafted exclusively for the food industry
  • Certified training with a personality
  • Meets California Requirements

ARROW is more than just a state-mandated sexual harassment training,
it’s a highly-designed hospitality tool for building a stronger restaurant culture.

Built by experienced restaurant operators in order to help
their teams connect as humans, while working together in food service.


Game-Changing Content

  • Goes beyond legal jargon with a conversational approach.
  • Engaging stories and real testimonials.
    No more cheesy reenactments.
  • A blend of rich media including: audiograms, video, animated gifs, memes and more.
  • Discusses modern topics: texting, social media, sexual orientation and gender identities.

No Bad Video Reenactments

Only real testimonials and scenarios from restaurant workers


Click here to get more info on your state requirements

sample content

"Easy, Efficient, Effective."


"A simple solution that really
connected with our staff."

800 degrees

"Feels like a friend is teaching you,
not a confusing lawyer."

Chef Mike Tomagorchi

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For Us By Us

Culture Building

Crafted Content


  • Purchase the courses you need.
    • You’ll need to buy a specific number of seats for supervisors and employees.
    • You can easily add more seats later if needed.
  • Get a link to share with your team.
  • Follow the link.
  • Make a new account.
    • Many people use the same computer at work, so make sure the last trainee is logged out!
  • Add the License Key & launch your course.
  • Complete the training and get a certificate.

You’ll need to purchase Supervisor and Employee courses for your team. Once the learner has registered and is launching the course, they can select English or Spanish. 

No. Everyone registers themselves with the company link and license key. 

The supervisor who purchases the courses is given access to a confidential Learners Report. They can follow the team’s progress and see who has registered, who is underway, and who has received a certificate. The Learners Report link is provided on the order confirmation receipt.

ARROW Certification works in collaboration with Aaron Colby, a partner @ Davis Wright ​Tremaine LLP. 

We don’t give out legal advice, but if you need a lawyer, contact Aaron Colby.

Let him know that we sent you AaronColby@dwt.com

No problem, we are here to help! Email us and we’ll give you a hand.


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